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Funding Your Care

Funding Your Care

You've made the important decision that home care is the best way for you, or someone you love, to carry on living independently at home.

But it's natural to think about the cost of the home care and how you are going to pay for it. It's also sensible to find out whether you may be entitled to help with meeting the cost, particularly if your income and savings are limited.

You may be eligible for local authority funding to help with the cost of home care and if you have not already done so, the first step to establishing whether you are eligible for financial help is to contact your local council.

They will assess your support needs and, if you meet their eligibility criteria, will also assess your personal financial circumstances. These assessments will help your council to decide the level of financial assistance you are entitled to help pay for the support you need. Although this process is similar for all local authorities, the actual assessment and the funding available will vary from council to council.

The government wants to give people who receive local authority-funded care and support more control and choice over their care. This means giving people who are eligible for financial assistance the option of choosing their own package of care and arranging home care services directly with the provider of their choice, like 24/7 Helping Hands Services.

Working in this way involves personal budgets and direct payments. Whether the local authority manages your home care or you arrange this yourself, a care or support plan will be put in place, setting out your care needs and how they will be met.

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Personal budgets and direct payments

If you are eligible for financial assistance for your home care needs, your options for arranging these services can seem confusing. At 24/7 Helping Hands Services , we want to make it easy for you decide which way forward is right for you.

The government wants as many people as possible to take control of their own social care – the kind of care that helps people to stay independent at home – including through having their own personal budgets.

Put simply, a personal budget is the total funding allocated to you after you have been assessed by your local authority as needing help, taking into account your needs and financial circumstances.

You can receive your personal budget in the form of a direct payment – a cash payment made to you (or to someone on your behalf) if you would like to arrange, choose and pay for the services you need yourself. For example, you can use the money to:

  • employ an agency like 24/7 Helping Hands Service to provide care
  • employ a personal assistant
  • buy equipment
  • pay for day care.

You can also top up the direct payment with your own money if you would like more care or support than the direct payment will pay for.

There is another arrangement that gives you more control over your care called an individual service fund. In this case, your local council pays your funding directly to the home care provider of your choice, like 24/7 Helping Hands Services. You then tell the provider directly which services you want them to provide in return for the money, in line with your support plan, which can include services bought from other providers. The provider manages the money on your behalf and must show you how it is using the money.

Support for you

If you are paying for your home care from your own funds, or are doing so through a direct payment, you will be in control of making decisions about your care and support as well as managing the ongoing arrangements.

We understand that choosing a home care provider is not a decision to be made quickly or lightly and the process can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing and stressful.

24/7 Helping Hands Service is here to help. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. When you contact us, our friendly and helpful staff will answer your questions and explore how we can deliver the solutions you are looking for.

We are also happy to meet you in person so that we can discuss your requirements in more detail and help you to get to know us and our organisation a little better. As well as offering a free trial of our services, we can help in the preparation of support plans required in direct payment arrangements and we also offer:

  • bespoke packages personalised to suit the way you want to live your life
  • we will provide or recruit experienced carers, according to your specification and requirements
  • we can help you employ someone directly
  • we can provide administration/financial/payroll services for you if you are managing yourown care through a direct payment.

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